Dimitri's Surname Database

(A Database Of Greek Surnames And Their Ancestral Origins)

This database was launched on 5/2/99.  It is constantly growing as surnames are being submitted and added to the list!

As this database grows, it will be capable of being used as a great genealogical tool for people of Greek descent who are trying to research their roots. Search the database for the name you are researching and find out what part of Greece to begin your search for ancestors!

Surnames are listed in alphabetical order along with the location in Greece (as accurate as possible) from which the name originates, according to everyone who has contributed to the database.  Most surnames are linked to send e-mail to the person who submitted the name.  Good Luck and please submit your own surname!

**Note:  The location of ancestral origin which is given for each name on this site is simply a place to further your research, it is not a definite origin from which the name derived.  The origins listed are according to the submitters of each name.  

Surnames Are Arranged Alphabetically

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Current Number Of Surnames = 405



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Surname Database, Last Updated on 03/22/00